Hell’s Corner – The Book

‘Hell’s Corner’ is the second in the ‘Harry’s Game’ series of books, which follow the adventures of Harriet Cornwall, a young woman who finds herself at the centre of world War two, as she experiences some of history’s pivotal moments from a unique vantage point. 

Following the ‘Miracle of Dunkirk’, during which over three hundred thousand British and Allied troops were evacuated from the French beaches, Hitler turned his attention to Britain. After convalescing and recovering from her wounds, Harriet Cornwall is once again thrown into a desperate battle; this time with her own demons, and a society not ready or willing to accept her; in addition to the fight against the massed armada of German aircraft, which threatened to swarm and destroy British defences ahead of the inevitable invasion.

Hell’s Corner was released in February 2020, and is available in both digital and paperback format through Amazon